VOL. 214



VOLUME 214-A: 2 Hour Special - ASA and YUUMIN?

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Will ASA-CHAN and YUUMIN become a couple? This question and many more will be answered in this, the two hour Ainori special. This volume is divided between four pages, one for approximately each half hour.

As promised the two hour special features two special guests, singer and idol AYA UETO and SATO RYUTA, co-star of a conceptually-bizarre Japanese hockey drama. They receive a huge round of applause from the audience. AYA is asked which member is most her type and she answers ASA-CHAN. Let's see if he will be available for her after the show. ASA has been on the show for over a year. He's seen America, Asia and Africa. He's seen 26 members on the LOVEWAGON come and go. These are some moments ASA won't soon forget. ASA first fell in love with, SAKI almost a year ago, they had a good relationship. But not good enough for SAKI, however, as she and AINORI member DOBU-KUN became even closer. Soon all ASA could do was follow behind them in an attempt to get some attention.

ASA-CHAN had a small breakdown after SAKI left the show and while in Tibet decided to stay behind from the group and spend time meditating with the monks. Unfortunately he contracted dengue fever and spent an even longer time sick in the hospital.

When ASA was well enough to rejoin the group he met then new member, YUUMIN. He really liked YUUMIN and was always there to cheer her up when she was feeling alone. Then he suddenly contracted malaria and was once again left behind in a hospital bed for several weeks.

Now ASA-CHAN is healthy once again and was able to rejoin the group. So not wanting to risk losing another chance at the girl he desires, last week he popped YUUMIN the big question, 'Will you come back home to Japan with me?'. All packed and ready, ASA waits as YUUMIN approaches. If she says yes, ASA-CHAN will have a good chance at true love, if she says no he goes home alone.

YUUMIN and ASA exchange a few painful pleasantries before YUUMIN gets to business. And judging by the look on ASA-CHAN's face things could be going better. The goodbye and handshake really seals the deal. After all he's been through, ASA is going back to Japan alone and defeated.

Despite YUUMIN's lack of emotion the rest of the group is obviously sad to see their old friend go. Tears and hugs from all, except HAORO who is hiding somewhere in the background as usual.

And the LOVEWAGON speeds off leaving ASA behind. . . or does it? No, it's not going to be that easy for our friend ASA. The LOVEWAGON gets stuck in the dirt leaving ASA to push. The expression is one of pure MENDOKUSAI! What a sport, after all he's been through, ASA still maintains his composure and waves goodbye to his friends

Brokenhearted, ASA chokes back his tears and looks to the future saying that it's not over for him yet and he has a bright future ahead of him, good luck ASA. And don't forget AYA is awfully cute.




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