VOL. 213



VOLUME 213: Mother of all set-ups!

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Volume 213 is basically a set-up for the two hour special scheduled for this Thursday. It opens with a ten minute update of a couple that was on the show two years ago. They just got married and I'd love to be able to share all the details but I wasn't in the country at the time and I don't know enough Japanese to do that so I will start with the current story. ASA-CHAN takes YUUMIN aside to tell her how he really feels.

He tells her how much he missed her while he was sick in the hospital and how much he likes her. YUUMIN doesn't seem used to having people say nice things about her and has difficulty taking in ASA's words without choking back a few tears and finds refuge in adjusting her hair.

ASA-CHAN tells her how he'd like to spend his life with her and hands her a ticket to go home with him.

ASA says his final good-byes and says he'll see her tomorrow. And she does the same. The rest of the group is informed what ASA-CHAN has told YUUMIN.

HAYATO finally discovers his true feelings for YUUMIN. Unfortunately he discovers that he also likes YUUMIN and is afraid he won't get the chance to tell her. I can't read many kanji but I'll bet the one by his head is jealousy. YUUMIN is very surprised that ASA feels this way about her.

YUUMIN thinks about the times she's spent traveling with ASA-CHAN. She looks at the ticket and thinks about what it represents for them and their future. . . together. Whatever she decides however we won't know until the Ainori special this Thursday.

The Ainori special features two special guests apparent fans of the show. And we'll finally find out the true feelings between ASA-CHAN and YUUMIN. . .

. . . and HAYATO. The preview would indicate the results are heartbreaking. What's happened? Who will YUUMIN choose? Why is MACHAMI breaking down? Seriously who ARE these guest stars?!? You can find out more by clicking here for a RealPlayer preview of this weeks special! P.S. It probably helps if you can speak some Japanese!




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