VOL. 212



VOLUME 212: Baobab, Cow Wrestling and the Discotheque

Madagascar Facts


The AINORI crew are slowing moving up from southern Madagascar towards the center of the country. Meanwhile ASACHAN is still in the hospital. He is still thinking about YUUMIN from his hospital bed. It's pretty hard to get a solid read on YUUMIN's feelings for ASA. ASACHAN's condition might be improving. It's hard to say but he is sitting up at least which could indicate an improvement.

As the Lovewagon moves up toward central Madagascar they see these VERY large, strange-looking trees with the lovely name "baobab". They are very impressed with their imposing scale. After looking at the baobabs they encounter an equally strange lunch which appears to be a kind of curry. HAOROSO is really picking through his dish trying to make sense of the strange leafy green ingredient which is known as anamara.

After the anamara curry MIKI takes HAYATO aside for a private conversation. They seem surprisingly relaxed and comfortable with each other. MIKI says many things which I can't understand and HAYATO entertains himself with his legs. HAYATO likes simple pleasures like leg lifts. In any case MIKI becomes intrigued with HAYATO and that evening she writes about him in her AINORI journal.

The next day the AINORI crew goes to a Madagascar cow wrestling event. But unlike Spanish bull fighting this event seems to be a free-for-all where any village idiot is free to jump into the pit and provoke a trampling from an angry steer. All the girls are looking down in horror at the unbridled display of testosterone.

MORIOKA, possibly knowing he hasn't impressed MIKI in the past few days, decides that he should jump into the ring. The girls expressions change from horror to excitement. They are offering cheers of support but it's hard to say for whom they are for. MORIOKA holds onto a bull's tail for a few seconds and after actually jumps on a bull...

MORIOKA suddenly decides after being thrown off that bull that maybe he's had enough of this madness and quickly goes to sit down with the others. When he sits down he feels inside the leg of his shorts only to see blood on his hand. It seems that trying to ride angry bulls without any training is not a particularly good idea. MORIOKA has done something bad to his private parts and his buddy HAYATO is there to bandage him up, the sign of a true friend. Everyone has a good laugh at MORIOKA's expense and they are one again off in the Lovewagon. MORIOKA isn't the only thrill-seeker in the group KAJI decides sit on the window frame with her top half exposed to the wind. Perhaps not wanting another ride in silence with HAOROSO. KAJI encourages YUUMIN to follow her lead.

YUUMIN still has feelings for HAYATO and asks him to talk for a while once they get to their hotel. She begins a rather lengthy conversation in which HAYATO who has very little to say. He asks YUUMIN if they could talk another time as he didn't feel well. HAYATO later tells the viewers that he doesn't feel any sparks with YUUMIN.

MR. FRED the bus driver has a special treat for the AINORI crew. No it's not another birthing hospital, but equally as scary, a Malagasy Discotheque. The group quickly finds a table and they toast the first round of what will certainly be many drinks. Notably absent from this event is HAOROSO.

KAJI has the Fever Fever! KAJI is definitely the party girl of this group. She spends the entire time on the dance floor. MIKI is also excited to do some dancing with the locals. The boys are obviously not dancers... well MORIOKA is probably still have some difficulty moving after playing with the bulls. But he does get pretty jealous and pulls MIKI aside for some conversation outside the disco. Funny thing is they don't actually have any!

HAYATO and YUUMIN bob their heads to some 50 Cent for a while and eventually YUUMIN goes to the dance floor to talk to KAJI. She doesn't get a word in though as she is immediately abducted by a Malagasy player who is not taking no for an answer. She says in Japanese that she is shy which in this context probably means get the hell off me. Once MIKI sees that HAYATO is free she goes over to talk to him. They seem to be getting along quite well.

The next day the Lovewagon continues its journey up Madagascar. The group look very tired and hung over. Suddenly the Lovewagon comes to abrupt halt and KAJI is thrown off her seat. It seems MR. FRED hit the booze last night as well since he managed to drive the van off the road into the sand. The AINORI crew are forced to put their backs into it as they push the wagon back onto the road.

The Lovewagon finally reaches its next destination, the beach of Ifaty. The group appreciates the much deserved rest and hang out in a nice hut and play some ping pong. A plane is pulling into Tikorenaru Airport, it's ASA-CHAN! It seems he is well enough to rejoin the group. ASA seems very focused on getting back to his friends.

In order to rejoin the AINORI crew ASA must first hitch a ride to Ifaty. It's nice to see that AINORI is willing to provide first class transportation for it's members. ASA hitches a ride in the back of a truck all the while thinking at least it's bigger than the Lovewagon. He thanks his transport and walks the balance of the way. When he sees the Lovewagon he says it's been a long time and walks up to the window where MR. FRED is waiting. They both say their hellos and ASACHAN asks MR. FRED for a pair of tickets. MR. FRED hugs ASA and wishes him luck. ASA surprises the group when he knocks and enters the hut. He is greeted with cheers and hugs from all.

ASACHAN sees YUUMIN and asks her if she would talk with him in private. And she says yes! ASA will pop the big question!!! Does YUUMIN have any feelings for ASA-CHAN? Does she still like HAYATO? Will ASA manage to stay healthy until next week? Why isn't MIKI retiring like she told us she would? You can find out more by clicking here for a RealPlayer preview of next weeks show!




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