VOL. 211



VOLUME 211: Much Ado About Miki

Madagascar Facts


Volume 211 opens with the AINORI group after they find out about ASACHAN's condition. They were told that ASA is suffering from Malaria. And his condition is not very good. ASACHAN has been moved from the Women's Hospital to a larger city hospital where they can better deal with the disease.

MORIOKA and HAYATO depressed from the news and likely tired from traveling (and delivering children!), want to relax and literally sneak away from the group and go into a local bar for a drink. While not being able to read Japanese the heart in the second frame must indicate a love for beer! The producers of AINORI, most likely for dramatic effect, think this would be a good time to inform MORIOKA that his grandmother has just passed away.

MORIOKA takes the news pretty well but still lands up shedding some tears as does HAYATO. After they finish their drink they are embarrassed about their red eyes so they agree to tell the others that they are a bit drunk. MIKI, wondering were MORIOKA had snuck off to is on the prowl and upon spotting them runs after the red eyed duo.

MORIOKA and HAYATO quickly put their plan into action by showing off their beer breath to MIKI. It isn't long until YUMIN joins up and they shower her with beer breath as well. The whole act leaves MIKI with a bad feeling. She later says in private that she is beginning to feel completely different about MORIOKA. Perhaps a little extreme for sneaking off and having a drink.

Back at the hospital, the AINORI crew is busy delivering babies which is still pretty surreal. Strangely absent is HAOROSO and KAJI, but they don't come off as the baby delivering kind. After another successful delivery MORIOKA is once again full of wonderment and again his eyes are filled with tears.

It's time for the Lovewagon to press on so the group bids the hospital farewell and are back on the road. The next stop is the large Isalo National Park, arid and filled with spiny thickets. The park is teaming with sub-dessert creatures like giant stick bugs and chameleons all blending seamlessly with the environment. Octopus trees and large rocks formed by years of erosion dot the landscape.

While exploring the park Miki discovers a cliff overlooking a waterfall and a pool below. The cliff is a popular but dangerous diving spot for the locals. Determined, MIKI quickly changes into her swimsuit and dives off the rock in perfect form. Who should be in the pool below? None other than resident weirdo, HAOROSO!

HAOROSO is very impressed with MIKI's jump. He says, if he were a peanut he'd feel like his skin had been peeled... The AINORI crew don't get it either. With ASACHAN sick in the hospital the others have paired off forcing poor KAJI to sit in complete silence with HAOROSO while on the Lovewagon.

The AINORI crew visits a local neighborhood and watch the children dance and sing. YUMIN has a heart to heart with MORIOKA. She talks about all the people that have come and gone since she joined the group. She says that she misses ASACHAN and hopes that he'll be OK. Currently ASACHAN's condition isn't improving.

MORIOKA has noticed a change in MIKI's recent behavior and takes her aside for a private conversation. MIKI says she felt strange about the way he acted earlier. MORIOKA comes clean and explains that he hadn't actually been drunk rather had been crying because of his grandmother's death. MIKI says she understands and MORIOKA feels much better. They go to catch the Lovewagon to their hotel.

Later in the hotel MIKI asks to speak to the producer. She tells him that she understands why MORIOKA pretended he got drunk. She also says she knows everything about him and has lost interest. Then she says she wants to retire from the show. The producer begs her to reconsider but is faced with a silent and adamant MIKI. The hosts of AINORI have a total freak-out trying to understand the method to this madness, but ultimately are left laughing (and standing on chairs?) at MIKI's strange new attitude. So what's with MIKI? Who will replace her? What will MORIOKA do when he finds out? Click here for a RealPlayer preview of next weeks show!




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