VOL. 214



VOLUME 214-B: 2 Hour Special - YUUMIN an HAYATO?

South Africa Facts


The members say goodbye the MR. FRED as their stay in Madagascar is now over. Their next stop is the Republic of South Africa. They take the next flight and arrive in Cape Town.

Soon after they arrive they find the LOVEWAGON waiting for them. They also meet their new driver MR. DOMINIC. KAJI thinks MR. DOMINIC is sexy dynamite! What's more MR. DOMINIC studied in Japan before and is pretty fluent in Japanese. She gets in close for the shot! The Ainori crew will receive a daily allowance of \3000 or about $30 US.

AYA is very surprised to discover that KAJI has eyes for the bus driver. Cape Town is a beautiful city full of British influence and British people. The lunch, a modest \500, is a sweet curried meatloaf.

KAJI sits next to MR. DOMINIC and enjoys her meal with a view. YUUMIN tries desperately to get some smoothie through her straw with little success. HAYATO enjoys the scene and has fun teasing her. The next destination is Table Mountain, the symbol of Cape Town. Table Mountain overlooks the city and provides a spectacular view for the onlookers.

The group eagerly take in the view, first as a group, but after a while YUUMIN and HAYATO leave the others to talk. YUUMIN wants to say many things to HAYATO but nothing seems to come out just right. HAYATO doesn't know quite what to say.

That evening back at the hotel YUUMIN decides that tomorrow will be the day. She decides that tonight she will ask HAYATO to go to Japan with her. YUUMIN packs up all her bags as tomorrow she will go home either as a couple or alone.

YUUMIN goes to talk to the girls. She tells them about her decision. The girls seem very happy for her and KAJI gives her a big hug of encouragement. YUUMIN says that she loves HAYATO. And sealing her fate YUUMIN walks up to the LOVEWAGON and asks MR. DOMINIC for a ticket. Mr. DOMINIC hands her a ticket, gives a deep bow, hugs her and wishes her 'good luck'.

YUUMIN has always been very shy and when she was younger she didn't always know exactly what to say. She recalls a time when at a YAKINIKU shop the best she could do in a group was watch the meat slowly char to a crisp. But then she met HAYATO, a guy who apparently wasn't shy to get naked in front of the others. But also a person who loved children very much, including his own child but due to custody reasons is not allowed to see.

That night YUUMIN waits for HAYATO but suddenly gets a case of stage fright and begins to walk along the catwalk. The producer chases her down and asks her how she is feeling. Understandably YUUMIN is very nervous but the producers manages to calm her enough to wait for HAYATO.

HAYATO not knowing why he has been asked out arrives in his pajamas. As nervous as YUUMIN is she manages to get a pretty good laugh out of it. YUUMIN is about to confess her feelings when a bunch of frogs begin to croak from the shallow water. They both get a good laugh out of the silly sound. Finally YUUMIN manages, though somewhat clumsily, to tell HAYATO how she feels for him and hands him a ticket.

YUUMIN leaves HAYATO to consider his options. HAYATO looks to the heavens for some advice. In the hotel the producer asks YUUMIN how she is now, and YUUMIN says something pretty harsh. And the producer is lost for words. HAYATO is laying on his bed sighing well into the night.

The next morning YUUMIN is waiting for HAYATO on a hill overlooking Cape Town. If HAYATO says yes they will go to Japan as a couple and if he says no she will be left to char more calbee at the YAKINIKU back home. They talk for a long time but it is very windy so YUUMIN struggles to hear what HAYATO is saying and on occasion he must repeat. YUUMIN is so nervous she can't leave her hair alone. Finally HAYATO confesses that he is 100% sure that wants to go back home with her as a couple.

YUUMIN nearly collapses with relief and possibly a little fear. As HAYATO approaches to give her a kiss he nearly has to pry her hands from her face to get enough clearance. YUUMIN is way too nervous to do much but I'm sure is very happy underneath that rigid exterior. KAJI literally jumps out of the LOVEWAGON and runs over to give her a congratulatory hug.

Even the ever-strange HAORO is touched and after an awkward handshake can't help but give HAYATO a full-on hug. YUUMIN and HAYATO say their good-byes to the others and the LOVEWAGON drives off over the horizon. . . really. YUUMIN and HAYATO are left to start their life together.


YUUMIN: What do we do now?




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