VOL. 219



VOLUME 219: Like the Sun or The Crib Notes

South Africa Facts


The AINORI members are still in the South African town of Pretoria. KOHEI is busy going over his 'crib notes' in an attempt to say the perfect thing and thereby convince MIKI to return to Japan with him. He is very nervous and is clearly having a difficult time memorizing the perfect words.

Passers-by watch in curiosity and confusion as KOHEI reads out loud his proposal. Finally MIKI meets with KOHEI and the begin to talk. Shortly KOHEI begins into his speech not wanting to forget, which of course he immediately does.

This forces the already nervous KOHEI to begin again and adds even more pressure. He manages to say his bit and how much he loves her and then hands her the ticket. After their meeting KOHEI has to tell the others in the group what he has just done. This clearly bothers JURI but probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. That evening JURI hides up in her room and tries to sing happy songs to herself.

The next morning is probably the most stressful in KOHEI's twenty-two years. He waits under the Jacaranda trees for what feels like another lifetime when MIKI makes her way to the street. They exchange words and MIKI begins into a long and largely ambiguous speech.

But ends in the most surprising manner, she says yes! It seems the mad scheme of KOHEI's has worked after all! They then approach each other for a moderately passionate kiss. No open mouth on this show, kids! The groups claps and cheers from the LOVEWAGON. Even JURI seems in good spirits towards the new couple. They say their goodbyes to the other members who get back into the van.

The LOVEWAGON pulls off leaving behind the couple behind waving and cheering and as happy as can be. Omedetto, KOHEI and MIKI!

On the LOVEWAGON KAJI knows that there is literally an hour until MR. DOMINIC, the object of her affections, is out of her life forever. She thinks long and hard about her options and begins to think of the countries she has called home before.

At last, MR. DOMINIC pulls over the LOVEWAGON one final time. He says what an honor it has been to have met them and begins to say his goodbyes. KAJI can stand it and walks off.

The producer rushes out to meet her and to find out what's going on. KAJI tells him that she is in love with MR. DOMINIC and begs the producer to speak with him about it. KAJI waits in silence while the producer rushes off. She is left thinking about her best friend YUUMIN and how she found her true love with HAYATO.

The producer tells MR. DOMINIC that KAJI has something very important to say. MR. DOMINIC acts surprised but probably has a pretty good idea what's happening. Somewhat less on the ball are HAORO and HAKASE. They busily discuss what the commotion is about. When the producer tells them they seem totally blown away by the very idea. They wait in the LOVEWAGON in relative silence as the production team regroup and decide what they will do next.

The two meet on the street, and KAJI begins to tell in detail about her feeling for the millionaire-cum-bus driver. She tells him that the poem she had written him was an expression of her love for him. She then hits him with the biggest bombshell of all, she wants to LIVE with him in South Africa!!


The hosts are shocked and intrigued by the plan and quickly begin to speculate about whether this can actually work. Will KAJI stay in South Africa with her true love or will she have to go home alone? What a minute, how does this work. No tickets are being used in this situation. What about visas? Click here for a preview of next weeks show as well as sneak peek of a new member!





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