VOL. 218



VOLUME 218: Don't Wanna Cry or Eatin' the Ostrich

South Africa Facts


Once again the AINORI members are in sunny South Africa. This week the members are visiting the the capital, Pretoria. The entire city seems to be blanketed in beautiful purple blossoms called Jacaranda Blossoms. Under this canopy classical government and scholastic buildings line the streets.

For lunch the AINORI crew dine at a fine restaurant serving a steak dinner, the local delicacy. They are very impressed by the steak when the find out that it is made of ostrich meat. HAORO is happy to exact his revenge on the bird that put him in the hospital. As HAORO is shoveling the bird into his gullet, he lets out an accidental burp and winces in pain, his still damaged collar serves as a constant reminder.

JURI happily calls out HAORO's name and they sit under the shade of a nearby tree. HAORO is very happy whenever he sees her. They talk briefly and HAORO leaves with a smile on his face. Later back on the LOVEWAGON, KOHEI makes another attempt to smoothen things over with MIKI. She proceeds to tell him how different they are and that it is impossible for them to have a relationship together.

At the next rest stop, KOHEI stays back and begins to cry. He can't seem to leave MIKI alone no matter how mean she is to him. He takes more preverbal shots to the head and real ones to his heart. Meantime JURI has been sitting in front of the couple listening to everything as it has transpired. She says she really likes KOHEI and wonders about MIKI.

JURI receives a letter from her family. She has never left home before so they are very close. It wishes her luck and it gives her the strength to put her next plan into action. She wants to encourage KOHEI to be strong and to let him know that she likes him so she will write him a 'love song'. To be fair, that afternoon she has a special song for each of the guys on the group. She has changed the lyrics to three different children's songs to suit each of the guys and sings them to the group. First she sings a song to HAKASE and when she's done, hands him the lyrics.

Next she sings a song to HAORO who's smiling cheek to cheek. Finally she sings her song to KOHEI. The lyrics are much stronger and KOHEI gets very embarrassed. MR. DOMINIC doesn't receive a song from JURI possibly not even aware that he IS the fourth man in the group. Late in the afternoon while the members are busy exploring Pretoria, KAJI walks up to the LOVEWAGON to speak with MR. DOMINIC. MR. DOMINIC doesn't know exactly what to say and eventually asks her if she would like to go for a ride. KAJI gladly accepts.

MR. DOMINIC let's out his token sigh of exasperation as KAJI runs to the passenger side door. While driving around KAJI brings up the general topic of relationships. MR. DOMINIC politely let's her know that he isn't in the market for a girlfriend right now (being a millionaire playboy and all!). KAJI goes silent for a moment and soon MR. DOMINIC apologizes that his Japanese isn't very eloquent and hopes he hasn't been totally rude. KAJI says she understood and that it was ok . . .

That evening KAJI gives the producer her impressions of their 'ride-together'. She doesn't have too much to say but expresses that she has dug herself into hole and isn't sure how she'll get out. In his room KOHEI is busy training again so that must mean he is planning to meet with MIKI!

And sure enough KOHEI meets with MIKI early that evening in the parking lot behind their hotel. Of course it's the usual silence interspersed with the occasional character attack. MIKI is unaffected as usual. Frustrated, KOHEI tells MIKI if she keeps living the way she is she'll be a strong woman but will have very stern eyes. This, compounded by other recent attacks, seems to penetrate her hard shell and she begins to cry.

She tells KOHEI about how her parents got divorced when she was 9 years old. She talks about how hard it was on her mother. MIKI says she kept smiling and hid her feelings to make it easier on her mom. Even though she would often cry when she was alone. She says she became very good at keeping her feelings hidden on the inside

KOHEI doesn't how to handle this sudden burst of emotion from this usually stoic girl and does the best thing he knows to do. He walks over to the LOVEWAGON (wait a minute, weren't they just BY the LOVEWAGON?! 「Bad edit!」) and asks MR. DOMINIC for a ticket!! The hosts can't believe this guy. MIKI doesn't do anything but make KOHEI's life miserable!


Is there any chance at all that this scheme of KOHEI's is going to work? Will MIKI remain exposed and vulnerable and open to a relationship with this guy who is obviously stupid in love with her? Or will she once again become an island and send KOHEI back to his? Also next week the members are leaving South Africa. Can KAJI convince MR. DOMINIC to go home with her or will she have to leave her playboy behind. All these questions will be answered on next weeks show!




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