VOL. 214



VOLUME 214-C: 2 Hour Special - And then there were four...

South Africa Facts


The remaining four members enjoy a few brief moments of spacious comfort before they meet up with the new members. MIKI who previously wanted to retire has been revitalized by the change of scene and now looks forward to harvesting more souls. MIKI is once again full of Go Go Go!!!

What will three new contestants mean for the AINORI group? KAJI who has previously been fairly uninterested in the boys is very excited about the prospect of some fresh blood. She is very excited when she sees someone in the distance. She's sure it will be her one true love.

A silhouette of a man on a bridge is all it takes to get KAJI and the others to jump out of the LOVEWAGON. They rush towards the figure and meet new AINORI member, HAKASE! Special guest RYUTA seems to think he's the stuff dreams are made of!

KAJI's smile can't really hide her disappointment... HAKASE is quite the geek. And he has the credentials to prove it. HAKASE is studying to be an entomologist and has graduated from Tokyo University, top ranked school in Japan. Currently he is taking his Masters at Kyoto University, the other top ranking school in Japan. And his hobby, photography! Chu!

So the four members pose for a quick picture and soon they are off in the LOVEWAGON looking for the other members. MIKI asks HAKASE what type of women he is looking for. HAKASE answers with a crude joke. The others can't believe their ears.

HAKASE thinks his answer is a real laugh riot at first. Then he sees how unimpressed KAJI is and begins to hit his head as if he were saying, stupid me, stupid me!

Shortly after the LOVEWAGON passes by another person with a sign. This time it's a woman and that fact doesn't escape HAORO. His happiness and excitement doesn't go unnoticed by MIKI. She says to him that he must really like her. And it seems so, the usually quiet HAORO is VERY talkative when he meets new member, JURI!

The LOVEWAGON pulls over for a quick rest stop and for a while HAORO is left alone to think about JURI. HAORO is so happy all he can do is sit in the grass laugh maniacally. Uhhhh. . . yeah. Later back on the LOVEWAGON HAORO has pretty much married JURI in his head by now so when he makes a comment JURI is a little confused.

MR. DOMINIC takes the group for a tour of one of the botanical gardens in Cape Town. It seems that South Africa has an ideal climate for growing many flowers and is famous for geraniums and daisies to name a couple.

HAKASE thinks the ecosystem is a lot like Japan's and he tries to prove it by making the mating call of an insect. And he does this for a long time. Everyone else is left to watch as HAKASE goes into his own little bug world. Even HAORO is confused by this guy. Later HAORO and JURI break from the group and have a discussion. HAORO makes a distinct effort not to sound weird while talking with her. He says how beautiful he thinks the name JURI is.

JURI still lives at home with her family and she shows him a picture. She has a brother who is only two, making her twenty years older than her brother. HAORO thinks it's great and tells her how much he loves kids. Later that evening the producers take MORIOKA aside for an update. MORIOKA tells us that he still has strong feelings for MIKI.

Here one can witness MIKI's transformation from sweetheart to evil she-bug. While MORIOKA is asking about the chemistry between themselves MIKI tells him that she wanted to retire because of him and his character. Well at least MORIOKA knows where he stands. The hosts are not too impressed with MIKI's recent behavior.

The next morning MR. DOMINIC has a surprise for the group. He will take them to his house. KAJI lets out a surprised you live here? As they pass through a gate.

KAJI is soon to be even more impressed as MR. DOMINIC passes though a second gate. This makes sense when you realize that MR. DOMINIC has not only one but, TWO houses on his eight million dollar estate. It seems MR. DOMINIC enjoys slumming it as a tour guide but is, in reality, a multi-million dollar playboy.

To what does he owe his riches to? Blood sweat and tears? Nah, that's no fun, how about an exploitive 75-year old father? Yeah that'll do the trick. In her defense, KAJI liked this guy before he 'was rich' but now that she knows he's loaded she is totally in love MR. DOMINIC. She tells the producer how she feels about MR. DOMINIC and asks if there are any rules prohibiting her from pursuing the love of the driver. The producer never having considered the possibility (though I think MR. FRED was a REAL ladies man) decides he had better check with the staff at Fuji TV in Tokyo.

The senior staff think it's a bit strange, exactly what destination should be on the ticket? But KAJI isn't into any of the Japanese offerings and they decide for interests/ratings sake to accept the idea. So with that said KAJI is free to vie for the love of MR. DOMINIC, million-dollar rich kid/driver extraordinaire.




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