VOL. 210




VOLUME 210: Mixing it up in Madagascar

Madagascar Facts


The Ainori crew is now in Madagascar. This episode was particularly interesting because it introduces HAOROSO to the group. He is as strange as his name. He seems to like doing things that leave people confused, annoyed, or hitting him!

Ainori begins with a sunny afternoon lunch, but what's that I see on the menu?

I really should learn some katakana! It's something called ravitoto, and it appears to be making ASACHAN sick! The next frame is a KAJI smacking HAOROSO in the face. He's a weirdo I'll say. But KAJI doesn't seem all that impressed with any of the male offerings to date.

Now HAOROSO is singing some enka perhaps. Not exactly sure cause it was pretty bad but it quickly gets on KAJI's nerves and she moves as far from him as possible. Which incidentally is about half a foot. The love wagon isn't exactly spacious! Later we find YUMIN laying on a park bench. She has feelings for HAYATO and does tend to mope around a fair bit. She's pretty sweet with her crooked mouth and all but a bit mopey and dopey.

Who should try to cheer her up but ASACHAN! Yes, ASACHAN has recently become quite taken by YUMIN. ASACHAN tries to impress YUMIN with his kendama skills (a kendama is a traditional Japanese toy), but it soon becomes apparent that YUMIN is some sort of kendama black belt. It's quite impressive to see YUMIN do something with a degree of competence even if it is playing with toys!

Just hanging out in the Madagascar jungle... And look, something cute (damn katakana...), a WAOKI(TSU)NESARU or some kind of lemur. What's more, they BITE!

There does seem to be one semi-functional couple developing on the love wagon. After ripping out HASHI's heart (MAYBE... PARDON... MAYBE NOT) MIKI confessed her interest in MORIOKA. Such open displays of mutual affection are seldom displayed on AINORI or anywhere in Japan for that matter, so it's a pretty safe bet they will go home a couple at some point when they are sick of traveling an/or playing single. Oh look, the driver has spotted something!

It's a Madagascan Women's hospital. Presumably a hospital for poor single mothers, but again please bare with me, there's a lot of guesswork at play here! The head doctor is Japanese and so has no problem talking with the group. More katakana, but there's kanji at the end so I'm not going to bother...

This was a strange moment on Ainori as well, YUMIN and HAYATO are helping the doctor deliver a baby. YUMIN holding the expectant mother's legs apart and HAYATO pushing on the mothers belly. With a fair amount of pressure. He's using his leg to help push! I'm not exactly sure what would qualify reality drama contestants to aid in delivery but...

The baby is quickly delivered and for a brief moment the doctor is scared she may have just delivered a stillborn but is soon relived to hear it's cry. So everyone is touched and moved and YUMIN falls even further in love with HAYATO her main interest.

Which brings us back to ASACHAN, he can see what's going on between YUMIN and HAYATO and doesn't know what to do. ASACHAN hasn't had great luck with his choices in the past. The last girl he was interested in left with another contestant, something that caused him to spend a few months as a monk. And shortly upon his return he got very sick and had to stay in a hospital for so long he almost retired from the show.

And as the show draws to a close, we find out some more bad news about ASACHAN. He is once again sick and confined to a bed. What has he got? Was it the ravitoto? Will he be OK? What will happen to ASA?






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