VOL. 217



VOLUME 217: ARMOR or One love, seven people

South Africa Facts


This episode of AINORI opens back in South Africa. MR. DOMINIC decides to continue the tour of Township and takes the group to visit his high school friend JACKIE. She smiles for the camera and acts surprised to see her friend from the other side of the tracks. She invites the members to sit out on the porch.

They spend the afternoon discussing the current conditions in South Africa and the tension between Cape Town and Township. It is unusual for a white person to chose life in this poor town but it is where she met her husband. She has lived in Township for six years, says she loves her life and can't see herself living anywhere else.

JACKIE seems to take on the dominant role in this relationship because her husband doesn't really get a chance to express himself and barely manages to say 'One Love'. Seeing this happy family brings a tear to JURI's eyes as it reminds her of her own back home. After the visit and back on the bus JURI's mind continues to wander and eventually she begins to think about KOHEI. She has feelings for him but also know that he has been chasing for MIKI for a very long time.

During one of the rest stops HAKASE and KOHEI stay behind in the LOVEWAGON. They get to talking and HAKASE tells KOHEI he thinks he's pretty cool and wants to be friends. KOHEI who has probably felt a little lonely since HAYATO went home with YUUMIN says he would also like that. HAKASE is very pleased. Later KOHEI goes off and finds MIKI sitting in the shade. They talk for a short time. During this exchange KOHEI no longer has any patience with MIKI and there is a lot of tension in the air.

A few moments later KOHEI walks off not looking very pleased. MIKI doesn't seem very happy herself but tries to mask her thoughts by singing the Japanese equivalent to la la la. On the bus KAJI is also singing, but for much different reasons. KAJI's PINK POWER has brought MR. DOMINIC and herself closer together than ever before. Beyonce provides the current tune of choice.

The members arrive at the beach-side city of Durban. The population of Durban primarily consists of people of Indian descent. The group decides to relax in a coffee shop. While waiting for their drinks, HAORO sneaks up in the background and greets the others. He has recovered from the ostrich incident and and eager to rejoin the group.

Poor HAORO only gets a luke warm reception, but considering I didn't even know he was gone I guess it's a fair one. JURI gives HAORO a good long look but it remains to be seen if it's one of attraction. MR. DOMINIC treats the group to his favorite dish when in Durban, Bunny Chow. At about $3.00, the curry filled loaf of bread is a real bargain!

The members eagerly tuck into the meal. After eating, group walks along the beach until MR. DOMINIC finds the perfect spot. They change into their beachwear and enjoy the water. MR. DOMINIC has a another plan in mind however. . .

It seems MR. DOMINIC is a moderately talented surfer and that's enough to elicit cheers from the others. Eager to spend time with her new love KAJI asks MR. 'Hang Ten' DOMINIC for a surfing lesson. And he leads her into an area with nice shallow starter waves.

KAJI will need more lessons before she will be leaving the sandbar. Despite tight edits KAJI's surfing performance isn't very impressive. But it is clear to see she is enjoying the time spent. YUUMIN, in a guest cameo, offers a supportive 'Gambatte KAJI!'. Bikuri desu yo!

KOHEI pursues athletic excellence, while HAKASE is on a quest for knowledge. KOHEI is a muscular hunk, while HAKASE is a scrawny brainiac. Despite their differences they have found common ground in their friendship. HAKASE as usual has his camera out and is snapping some pics of his new best friend. HAKASE brings up the topic of MIKI and puts forth the notion that they don't seem too happy together. KOHEI takes the opportunity to unload his frustrations about MIKI on HAKASE. That evening MIKI once again tells the producers that she's not very happy with the whole KOHEI situation.

Meanwhile a few doors down HAKASE is cleaning his camera and thinking about KOHEI and MIKI's relationship. HAKASE thinks KOHEI is a pretty nice guy and decides that the next day he would give MIKI a piece of his mind. HAKASE being a genius should have plenty to spare. The next day while on the LOVEWAGON HAKASE leaves his seat beside JURI to go talk to MIKI. MIKI's usual smile quickly disappears when HAKASE begins to dig into her. He calls her inconsiderate and says she doesn't listen to how other people feel. MIKI says she likes KOHEI just fine but is NOT in love with him.

Poor JURI sits in awkward silence as HAKASE continues to attack MIKI's character. He makes comparisons between MIKI and KOHEI and the 'Emperor with No Clothes'. While this may have a deeper significance to Japanese people I personally find the analogy clumsy and confusing. Then again I don't possess a genius mind. After he has said his piece he returns to his seat next to JURI and leaves MIKI all alone. MIKI looks genuinely hurt by HAKASE's frankness and not amount of singing to herself will make the feeling go away.

Is there any hope for MIKI and KOHEI? Will HAKASE's abuse cause MIKI to retire? Will YUUMIN make make any more guest cameos?  Click here for a RealPlayer preview of next weeks show!




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