VOL. 216



VOLUME 216: Ostriches, Salsa and Poetry

South Africa Facts


Grass is something that is missing from most parts of urban Japan including many of the parks. The same cannot be said for the city of Cape Town. The AINORI members enjoy this novelty and are found laying out in it as much as they can. HAORO and HAKASE are no exceptions. The show opens on a beautiful sunny day. HAKASE and HAORO are enjoying the weather and talking about the group. Suddenly HAKASE asks HAORO if he has any feelings for JURI.

HAORO giggles like a girl in love and HAKASE joins in. HAORO admits to liking JURI and HAKASE finds it very interesting. Later that afternoon the AINORI members are taken out for a special surprise. They meet someone named MR. BOB and HAORO takes the opportunity to practice his impressive level of English.

MR. BOB has a real treat for the group, he's an ostrich farmer. South Africa is famous for these silly, overgrown birds. He takes them to his hatchery to see how they are born. Inside there are many baby ostriches keeping warm in the incubator. JURI is asked if she would like to help hatch an egg. No, she doesn't have to sit on it, instead she is given a wrench and asked to break the shell. Apparently there are no actual specific bird hatching tools in existence and so mankind is forced to make due with mechanic tools.

HAORO watches with baited breath as JURI pokes away at the bird until it is freed from it's shell. The crowd cheers and even MR. BOB seems impressed. Considering the members were delivering human babies in Madagascar, birds can't be that hard! MR. BOB takes the group round back to a small race track. HAORO notices the sign posted at the entrance.

HAORO decides if JURI can hatch an ostrich egg then surely the best way to this woman's heart would be to jump on one of these big birds and ride it around the track a couple of times. Perhaps he's merely a fan of Final Fantasy or Super Mario II, whatever the true motivation HAORO is quite decided. KOHEI's expression is one of perverse anticipation. HAORO gets suited up and gets on the track. He will be racing against two other professional, if there is such a thing, ostrich jockeys. Note that the birds have bags over their heads, these are NOT chocobos HAORO!

The bags are removed and instantly the birds begin running, the race is off to a fabulous start. As dumb as the event may look, HAORO is having pretty good luck with his bird. Even if he is heading the rear, HAORO has gained cheers of adoration from his group. Especially his JURI!

Unfortunately the sign at the entrance is there for a reason. As the riders lean into the corner HAORO leans a little too far and literally rolls off the large bird and falls shoulder first onto the track. MR. BOB and the jockeys (not a bad name for a band) rush over to see if HAORO is hurt. HAORO sees JURI nearby and bravely says he's okay. This is followed by 'OW! OW! OW!', and HAORO's true condition is reveled.  The hosts have a complete laughing fit at poor HAORO's expense. Leave the ostrich racing to the professionals.

Late in the afternoon the AINORI crew arrive in the nearby city of Port Elizabeth. Their first stop is the local community sport centre. What is HAKASE smiling about? Maybe the centre's holding it's annual South African quilting exhibition, or could it be a community bake sale? Perhaps it's a group of beautiful scantily clad ladies taking part in salsa dance class.

The AINORI men are transformed from Japanese tourists into sexy salsa gods. Just look at MR. DOMINIC in his evening gown. HAORO still in tremendous pain decides to sit the salsa dancing out. MIKI is quite sexy in her reveling peach dress and heavy stage make-up.

JURI's pink dress show's off her slender body. And KAJI is a sexy dynamite in her black dress. The group must pair off into dance partners. MIKI begins to gravitate towards MR. DOMINIC and KAJI executes OPERATION X! KAJI, oblivious that MR. DOMINIC is in drag, pushes MIKI aside so she can dance with him. They make a great dance pair.

KOHEI is happy to be second best and gladly pairs up with MIKI. As with their relations of late, their dance seems to lack any passion. The surprise couple of the night is JURI and HAKASE. They really set the dance floor ablaze with their hot moves. HAORO undoubtedly wishes he hadn't decided to take a couple of laps on the track with Big Bird. That evening HAKASE is about to tell the producer how he felt about dancing with JURI when his nose suddenly begins to bleed. JURI must have had quite an impact on HAKASE!

MR. DOMINIC meets KAJI sitting in the hotel lobby. He sits down beside her and KAJI tells him how much fun she had dancing with him. She the proceeds to pull out a poem she has written in English. While her English is a bit broken it's awfully sweet of her got go to such work to woo her love interest!

"Rear View Mirror"
I am in a habit of watching eyes on a mirror.
Wherever I sit, I watched the mirror.
I always look at rear view mirror.
He looks nicer when he wearing sunglasses.
Because I can't know if our eyes catch each other.
I become shy when our eyes catch each other without sunglasses.
I feel like I shouldn't look at him.
Have you realized what I am thinking like this?

KAJI puts her poem away and MR. DOMINIC thanks her as she gets up for bed. Now alone, MR. DOMINIC lets out an ambiguous breath as he thinks about what just transpired.

KAJI is happy she read her poem to MR. DOMINIC and attributes her bravery to PINK POWER (My website also has that power). MR. DOMINIC claims to have been totally surprised by KAJI's expression of affection. HAORO is still wincing and whimpering in pain from his bedroom.

KOHEI doesn't seem to know how to give up and is busy training his already buff body so he will have the strength to face off with MIKI yet again. Simply put his umpteenth encounter yields nothing new for the failed couple. KOHEI takes a few more shots and is left with little more than the dregs of his humility.

What will become of KAJI and MR. DOMINIC? Is there a blossoming romance between JURI and HAKASE? What could this mean for HAORO? AND will HAORO ever look at ostriches the same way again?  Click here for a RealPlayer preview of next weeks show!




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