VOL. 215



VOLUME 215: Operation X

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The LOVEWAGON is an essential part of AINORI. Throughout the road trip, the members' seating arrangement often indicate fledgling relationships. This becomes more difficult when the seventh member happens to be the driver. This still doesn't keep KAJI from making an effort. She spends most of her time staring into the rearview mirror for a glimpse of her new found love, in the hopes that their eyes will meet if only for a fleeting moment.

This is more difficult of course if you are sitting in the back. KAJI cranes her neck over the girls for a better view. Suddenly out of the blue when getting back into the LOVEWAGON MIKI lets out her most seductive 'Haii DOMINIKU!'. Both KAJI and MORIOKA turn to MIKI with glaring disbelief and distain. 

KAJI can't believe what she's experiencing; is MIKI chasing after DOMINIC now as well? KAJI knows something has to be done so she takes MORIOKA aside for a private conference. She tells MORIOKA about her attraction to DOMINIC. MORIOKA doesn't seem too surprised. After all, what ever happened to their seventh member?

KAJI proposes that they keep the two apart whenever possible. KAJI will handle MIKI and
in return MORIOKA should take care of DOMINIC. This assignment will codenamed
"Operation X".

That evening back at DOMINIC's multi-million dollar guest house, the in-house chef is preparing a feast of marinated steaks. No steak dinner at DOMINIC's would be complete without some expensive wine. MIKI is more than happy to show off her sophistication though her superior wine serving skills. First she asks HAKASE if we would like a refill who gladly accepts.

This of course is a mere ruse for asking DOMINIC if he would also like a refill. As she reaches over to fill his glass KAJI says the codeword 'X!' followed by a thoroughly unconvincing couch. MORIOKA begins to laugh and the others are all confused as to why KAJI is coughing up the letter X. Though MIKI probably suspects it has something to do with DOMINIC.

After their feast the gang decide to sit in the living room and talk about their good times. MIKI says she's cold so DOMINIC is happy to lend her one of his sweaters. KAJI is not so thrilled. KAJI tries extra-super hard to be as sweet, cute and genki as humanly possible. It's pretty scary. Meanwhile MIKI, now wearing DOMINIC's sweater, reaches her arms to him, tells him how big he is and hugs herself. KAJI is out-cuted and frustrated.

KOJI yells, 'X!'. No one is going to out-cute him! The next day the members visit a park. MIKI finds a quiet piece of grass and lays down. In a moments time MORIOKA finds her and lays down a good fifteen paces from her. He attempts to make idle conversation for a minute before MIKI suddenly takes off like a bat out of hell down the grassy field.

She disturbs HAKASE's nature photography and decides to sit with him to kill time and keep away from MORIOKA. HAKASE doesn't know what to think about or say to MIKI. MIKI senses his awkwardness and decides to do her trademark cutesy wiggle-dance of certain heartbreak and despair.

Later at DOMINIC's castle HAKASE gives his impression of MIKI and decides he'll stick to the nature photography, at least for now. MORIOKA is different story altogether. He still really, really, really likes MIKI. His heart feels like it's gone a full ten rounds and is on the verge of a TKO. This must be painful even for a professional boxer.


Beat up and bleeding, can MORIOKA survive another round with MIKI. Who's gonna strike it rich with DOMINIC? Who will resist the seductive MIKI? Predictions for next week include the development of relationships between MIKI and HAORO, HAKASE and KAJI, JURI and DOMINIC! Click here for a RealPlayer preview of next weeks show!




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