Fuji TV's Official Ainori Site - The site I have been 'borrowing' most of my information from!

Weekly Ainori Preview - Fuji TV streams a 15-sec. preview of each weeks coming program.

JDorama: Trick 2 - Seki-chan from Ainori makes a guest appearance on Trick 2.

Midaregami - Weblogger that has a soft spot for the show and was my inspiration for starting this site.

TV Critique - A rather amusing review of Ainori.

Haruhiko Kato Home Page - A page dedicated to Haruhiko Kato.

Modern Japan - An article describing Hisamoto Masami.

Spitz Website - Current Ainori theme is done by this band.

Glay Website - Glay's ENGLISH Website.

Ainori Meets Cyber Trace - Ainori inspired trance compilation.

Ainori Store - Shop for Ainori related items (Japanese).

G'n Dach! - My sisters website. A collection of comics, fan fictions and AMVs.  Not to mention the amusing BLOG and other bonuses.


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