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What is Ainori?
Ainori is a reality television program from Japan. Three young women and four young men travel around the world in a cramped van called the Love Wagon. According to Mieko Koyama, production coordinator, "we try to set situations where they get to know each other through different culture and environment and hope they fall in love with each other." If all works out, you go home together with the object of your affection, if it doesn't, you take the walk of shame while the rest of the van watches you slink away with the remains of your pride dragging sadly behind you.

Who are the hosts?
There are three hosts, Hisamoto Masami, Haruhiko Kato and Imada Koji. They also make appearances on countless numbers of other television programs and movies.

Name Hisamoto Masami
Nickname Machami
Age 44
Birthday July 9, 1960
Star Sign Cancer
Hometown Osaka Prefecture
Height 154cm
Weight 40kg
B/W/H 80 / 57 / 83
Shoe Size 22.5cm
Name Kato Haruhiko
Age 29
Birthday May 13, 1975
Star Sign Taurus
Hometown Nagoya City
Blood Type O
Height 175cm
Weight 59kg
B/W/H 88 / 67 / 87
Shoe Size 26cm
Name Imada Koji
Age 38
Birthday March 13, 1966
Star Sign Pisces
Hometown Osaka Prefecture
Blood Type O
Height 174cm
Weight 56kg
B/W/H 92 / 78 / 92
Shoe Size 25.5cm

What kind of bus/van is the Love Wagon?
The 1st Love Wagon was a 1999 Toyota High Ace. The second one was a GM. I believe they occasionally make new Love Wagons rather than ship them to very distant locations to reduce cost.

Who wrote the theme song?
It depends what season you are referring to. The current theme is Stargazer by Spitz.
Stargazer - Spitz
October 2003
(10,000 copies...)
Door to Tomorrow -
October 2002
(900,000 copies sold)
Way of Difference - GLAY
October 2001
(1,100,000 copies sold)
Fragile - Every Little Thing
October 2000
(1,100,000 copies sold)
@ @
The Beginning Place -
October 1999
(1,890,000 copies sold)
Ainori Meets Cyber Trance

How long has the show been running?
The show has been running since October 1999.

Has the Love Wagon made it around the world?
While Ainori hasn't filmed in every country in the world they did complete lap one in May 2003. On their second lap the Ainori participants are visiting different countries, usually more remote, developing ones. So it is an interesting way to learn about parts of the world as well.

What country did the participants first visit?
The four male participants were sent by boat along with the Love Wagon to South Korea were they met the three female participants.

Is this show real?
There is obviously *some* staging. I have always been under the impression that they basically let things go however fate wanted, and when two people fall in love, a cameraman might say, "Hey, can you do that conversation again, only in front of this scenic spot with better lighting, and turn up the Kyushu dialect because it's cool" or something like that...
However the famous Japanese tabloid Friday has gone on to say that the whole show is "yarase" or set up. I guess it's impossible to know 100% either way.

What station and when?
Tune in to Fuji TV, Channel 8, on Monday at 11:15pm.

I'm not in Japan but I want to see Ainori.
You can download a 15-second preview from Fuji TV each week. It's not a lot but it will give you an idea about the show.

Can I be on the show?
If you can speak Japanese and are between 18 and 30 it could be possible. Gaijin (foreigners) have been on the show before.


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